Reggie Bush The Team Leader

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Reggie Bush had the reputation of a diva obsessed with his image. The tabloids have it all over. But soon Bush proved both Bell and Dolphins wrong. Bush recently ran across for 1,086 yards as the No.1 back after he spent five odd seasons in New Orleans as the third down choice. He also played the team leader with blue collar and a perfect role model without the slightest hint of Hollywood diva.

In fact, a lot of people appreciated the sober side of Reggie, and how hard he worked. Despite his romance with Kim Kardashian and it being everywhere on ESPN and TMZ, Reggie worked hard during practice sessions. His team mates noticed that Bush was on filed for more than 45 minutes and sometimes till 60 minutes. He practiced wind sprints and caught extra passes. He also took time to sign autographs for patiently waiting kids outside.

Rookie too was amazed at the way Reggie pulled the sleds and not got tired. H calls Bush his mentor. And soon Bush had an injury in his groin, allowing him to run only for 232 yards in the six games initially. Still we do not find him with excuses, he ran for 854 yards in the last nine games, where five of them were 100 yard games.

Bush is lovingly called “a solid dude” by quarterback Matt Moore. He was a great mentor to Thomas too as he taught him how to be a professional.

If that is not all hear this one from offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, who says, that Bush is undoubtedly a real professional. All this has come from the hard work of his parents who tried really hard to keep him close to ground while he was running circles during the days of Pop Warner.

His mother tells him that he should not think himself to be best. There is someone who is better than you.

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Reggie Bush The Team Leader

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This article was published on 2012/01/07